8 Ways to Style Printed Leggings


  1. Lets keep it simple, start with a solid top that matches with an aspect of the print and draw it in with some knee high boots. Throw a scarf around your neck for the perfect winter outfit. 
  2. Grab a solid over-sized shirt and throw on some low rise sneakers for a comfortable look. 
  3. Show off the whole leggings print by opting to wear ankle boots.
  4. For a more dressed up look pair your leggings with a long over-sized button up and some heeled ankle boots. Opt in for long sleeves or short/no sleeves depending on the season.
  5. Tops don’t always have to be solid, if your legging print is minimal grab a graphic T and some flats for a comfortable yet classy look. 
  6. Looking for a sexy and comfortable look? Pair your printed leggings with a cute solid crop top and some heels.
  7. For a fun comfortable and conservative look wear your leggings under a solid dress and some flats.
  8. For more comfortable days grab some Ugg style boots and an over-sized sweatshirt.

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July 21, 2020 — Alicia Mayberry