Pink Sparkle Nail Strip

By L&M
Nail wraps to make your hands look amazing without that expensive and long trip to the nail salon. Made of 100% nail polish and won’t damage your nails.

  • Fit to your nail size and file off the excess
  • No heat required
  • Non-toxic, Made of 100% nail polish
  • Lasts up to 7-10 Days


1.Wash your hands.
2.Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles. You can also wipe with alcohol or nail polish remover wipe. 
3.Remove top clear cover on wraps.
4.Peel wrap off paper.
5. Select end. Start with pinky and work towards thumb.
6.Apply wrap to nail while gently stretching to fit. If wrap is covering skin or cuticle area, peel off and readjust before it seals to nail.
7.Fold wrap over top of nail and file lightly to remove excess.You can also use nail scissors to cut the excess if you have shorter nails and then file.
Remove with nail polish remover, or simply peel off.