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L&M Exclusive Legging Prints

Peak Exclusive Legging Prints

Boutique Clothing for Women and Children

From Winter to Summer we’ve got the perfect outfit for you in every season! Our clothes cater to a diverse set of people who are unafraid and adventurous. We specialize in finding the hottest looks for both women and children! Check out our complete collection to see what sort of experiment you can do with your next look! 

Fit for all sizes

Clothes should make you feel comfortable, relaxed yet stylish and that is exactly what we believe in. Our brand philosophy centers on chic clothing in all sizes. No matter what your body type is, we can offer something unique which will make you stand out. So the next time you fear that this might not look so good on me, think again because we’re here for your rescue. 

Backed with a complete size chart you are bound to find your perfect fit in any of our fun , flirty, comfy outfits.


Every dress is a fashion statement and therefore we only carry pieces which win over hearts instantly. We have edgy cuts, vibrant designs and seasonal styles that are always changing.  If you want your closet to be full of exciting silhouettes then look no further. 

Our Diverse Market

Amplify your wardrobe with some of the seasons hottest accessories to really make that fashion statement Or check out our beauty department for our special line of fabulous nail strips. Still looking for more?.... Well no problem because our home decor line is to die for. Our distressed rustic edge will have your home looking like an interior design project worth big bucks. 

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